vkmast wrote on 12/24/2022, 4:02 PM

@wally-stall5348 try ?

EricLNZ wrote on 12/24/2022, 9:10 PM

@wally-stall5348 Perhaps you have used more than one email address with Magix so have more than one account?

Cholladay wrote on 6/22/2023, 3:44 PM

Big fan of Vegas 20, for the most part, everything is working as expected.

The primary suggestion I have for improving Vegas is enhanced support of 9:16 format videos. When making Shorts, Instagram, or TikTok content, I find that the preview window gives me quite a bit of trouble. I set the project to use 9:16, set the event pan/crop to match output aspect, and all is well. But when I attempt to zoom on the preview, it feels unintuitive and doesn't zoom where I would expect at the speed I would expect. I would very much like to see better support for formerly unorthodox vertical resolutions such as 9:16 in the future.


As an aside: one issue I noticed with Build 411 is that the helper tooltips which pop up when you hover over an element appear to lag and fail to load. I'm guessing some sort of recursive issue somehow, but hovering off and making it go away solves this, so it's not a blocker for now.


Keep up the good work!

Bini wrote on 6/22/2023, 5:39 PM

Please fix lag preview on the next version of vegas pro

walter-i. wrote on 6/23/2023, 2:49 AM

Please fix lag preview on the next version of vegas pro

Please create a separate thread for your problems, and describe there exactly how they occur (hardware, software, drivers, media used, etc.) - most of the time it is due to exotic media, or wrong settings that Vegas Pro is choking on.

tom-c1607 wrote on 7/22/2023, 11:14 PM

It only crashes every 3 minutes now. been a user since 12 and its always sucked. Bought new computer and am going to install just vegas and conform this once and for all. It's not getting better...

fr0sty wrote on 7/22/2023, 11:28 PM

Been a user since version 12 but didn't make an account here until 11 years later just to complain that you always thought it sucked but kept using it for over a decade anyway... Right.

If you want to seek help for your problem, you can make a thread doing so, and we'll be glad to help you get to the bottom of your problem... otherwise you are in violation of the community standards and disciplinary action will be taken against your account. This isn't a place to blow off steam, it's a place to seek help among your fellow VEGAS users and to get news about upcoming releases and updates.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 7/24/2023, 3:03 AM

I always wonder how it is expected here that the (volunteer) helpers should also be telepathically gifted.

I would recommend to give us a change with more details - otherwise frosty is right, and that is blowing up of steam only.

The required information are found here:

And yes, please open an own thread for your problem.

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