A few clarifications


vkmast wrote on 9/23/2016, 7:13 PM

Vegas Pro 14 Edit  is readily available for 199 USD.  Vegas Pro 14 for 249 USD.

Prices seem to be the same in "the special promo" offer and in the standard "upgrade".

Judging by the second comment on this thread and by the above, MAGIX may or may not use the SCS definition which was "This upgrade pricing is available to you as an owner of previous or limited feature versions of the application."

MikeyDH wrote on 9/23/2016, 9:45 PM

Why does the splash screen opening VP13 say $199 for the upgrade and the buy site wants 50 bucks more?  Come on, Gary, we need a little honesty here. I am already invested to the max with those 3rd party plugins offered. Why should I buy them again? Give me something other than smoke and mirrors for my money.

heg wrote on 9/23/2016, 10:04 PM

Why does the splash screen opening VP13 say $199 for the upgrade and the buy site wants 50 bucks more?  Come on, Gary, we need a little honesty here. I am already invested to the max with those 3rd party plugins offered. Why should I buy them again? Give me something other than smoke and mirrors for my money.

You can select the version there:
$199 - Edit
$249 - Pro
$349 - Suite

When the buy site open, Pro is pre-selected


ushere wrote on 9/23/2016, 10:06 PM

wtf is the difference between edit and pro!? and no, i really don't have the time or patience to start wading through magix site. 

heg wrote on 9/23/2016, 10:25 PM

wtf is the difference between edit and pro!? and no, i really don't have the time or patience to start wading through magix site. 

you can see tfd here:




MikeyDH wrote on 9/23/2016, 10:26 PM

Why does the splash screen opening VP13 say $199 for the upgrade and the buy site wants 50 bucks more?  Come on, Gary, we need a little honesty here. I am already invested to the max with those 3rd party plugins offered. Why should I buy them again? Give me something other than smoke and mirrors for my money.

You can select the version there:
$199 - Edit
$249 - Pro
$349 - Suite

When the buy site open, Pro is pre-selected


Thanks, I realized that when I went looking for the email in the spam folder. Still a bit much. I have TP 3, I have, Mercalli V4Sal, I have BCC 10. For the life of me all I see are a few changes that would have been included in a new build. Smart zoom, wow $200. I'm with old smoke until maybe Magix comes to their senses.


Len Kaufman wrote on 9/23/2016, 10:32 PM

I guess they "didn't respect us in the morning." But my check's NOT in the mail.

Mohammed_Anis wrote on 9/23/2016, 11:11 PM

Videoguys (US, not Australia) is offering V14 upgrade for $236.55 with 5% discount using coupon code INSIDER5 making it $224.72. (All USD prices).

I have upgraded Vegas every time since version 7 but am not convinced to upgrade this time.

Perhaps the euphoria over Magix takeover will cease now that we see the dollars. It all boils down to value for money.

As a purchaser of the Vegas Pro 14 (1st time. Long story short, I have circumstances that made me opt for that instead of an upgrade.) I would say that the extra dollars are worth it, if they have indeed ironed out the problems.

Second day now, editing using MTS files from a FS700. Was pretty smooth all the way until I suddenly experienced repetitive crashing, without really any finding any means to reproduce the crash other then by re-opening the software. My money is on the "Hardware Accleration" but I'm fed up of having to disable a feature that's already existed in three generations of the software already and remains unresolved. 

Baring in mind the pricing differences for upgrade as well, I guess you'd be wise to wait a bit until they've patched things up.


Dr Zen wrote on 9/23/2016, 11:20 PM

The US$249 (AU$326) does seem to be a mistake. Seems, in line with past upgrades, it should have been US$159. Would have upgraded for a stable product at that price. Still haven't had any communication from Magix about Vegas, did just get a special offer on one of their other products. Can't help but notice that Premiere Pro CC is AU$23 per month - comes out to AU$276 p.a., for those slow at maths. Bye for now, happy to stick with 12, might or might not be back if Vegas 15 improves.

Hi Rainer - It sounds like you are a fellow Aussie.
I can't speak for anyone else who does not live in the USA, but I can confirm that all Sony Creative Software customers who live in Australia, have never received a single email from Magix/Vegas Creative Software. Apparently we do not exist anymore and mean absolutely nothing, because we live in the wrong country. I suspect there are many other long time Vegas users from other smaller countries who are being treated the same way. I have spoken to people at Magix about this for months and am still waiting to receive my FIRST EMAIL ever from Vegas Creative Software. Never received a single offer to get VP13 to VP14. Never received a welcome message explaining that Magix had bought most of Sony's software.

Like yourself, I have been receiving emails about existing Magix products from Germany, but nothing about Vegas. I had the opportunity to get 40% discont off Adobe CC for 12 months but let it slide. I am now regretting that decision.

I learnt a lot from Gary over the years, loved the webinars and monthly articles, and have faithfully supported Sony Vegas & Movie Studio since 2008. If loyal paying customers from smaller countries are going to be treated like they don't exist and kept completely in the dark, I will know that I am not wanted and will have to leave Vegas for good. Breaks my heart to say that...I hate all this negativity and am quite depressed about everything.

mmchael wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:38 AM

Strange business decision. Vegas Users are probably the most loyal long time users.

From Au and no email from Magix.

I find it hard to believe the marketing people have not crunched the numbers properly. At the right price point there would be some serious immediate revenue but more importantly locking in the user base they acquired and hyping them to champion and applaud the takeover and a new life of Vegas.

At a usual Sony type promo most would upgrade whereas I reckon many like me keep looking for an alternative or taking time to invest in learning a new package. I have Premiere apart of the CC subscription. It is a strange and dangerous launch MAGIX have embarked on.

Most of the "new features" are bug fixes! I am still bemused how in a takeover of a product line MAGIX did not reach out and enagage the current user base more positiviley and activley. It's that base that would review, discuss and build a conversation across the web.

Also would prefer to see Hitfilm 4 pro in the mix of various packages.

This is a very dispointing release considering how much I and so may others trumpted Vegas to so many people.



Wolfgang S. wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:45 AM

I still do not see your points.

You blame the new owner for his price strategy and say it is too expensive. With SCS the world was much cheaper. Right,is a fact that SCS charged less. BUT fact is also that SCS had to go out of the business based on the revenue streams that they have earned with their price policy. FACT is also that the futher development of Vegas was on risk based on the SCS price strategy.

I understand that some of you are disappointed and frustrated about the higher prices or more specific. But either we want to see that the development of Vegas continues, or we let it be. It is as simple as that, because there is no middle way.

I the offer does not fit somebodys expectations in terms of price and feature requirements, it is up to him to decide that he does not purchase Vegas 14. That is the world of free choice and free competition. For me the new product is great due to a lot of bug fixes, ProRes 10bit support or the new Decklink 4K support, and it is worth the price.

So it is what it is.

vkmast wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:51 AM

I still do not see your points.

Neither did the company, unfortunately.

While we're not at it any more, can somebody clarify to me why the reduced price in the "promo" offer is the same as the standard upgrade price. What's specially reduced for the existing user? It was targeted to them as well. Cf. Net Notify.

DeadRadioStar wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:53 AM

.... so, to summarise, "take it or leave it".

OK then!

Wolfgang S. wrote on 9/24/2016, 3:27 AM

.... so, to summarise, "take it or leave it".

At the end of the day, show me the NLE supplier that hanles that in another way? Adobe has forced the user in their monthly payment because they have seen a huge shareholder value there (and the facts and figures show that they were not so wrong). Other suppliers like Grass Valley charge for their upgrades also Euro (not $) 249 here in Europe.

So where is the difference at the end of the day? The suppliers has to charge their products in an appropriate way to earn enough money to be able stay in business.

So the facts are: one can get the pure Vegas Pro 14 Edit for $199 here at the moment what is price reduced


and how that will work later was said here:



vkmast wrote on 9/24/2016, 3:44 AM

Wolfgang, are you implying that what is shown in Nick Hope's screenshot is not valid after Sept. 27? E.g. the standard upgrade price may/will  be higher? ATM I could get Pro 14 Edit either way (promo or upgrade) at the same 199 USD.

From MAGIX above

"The upgrade price for Vegas Pro 14 from MAGIX is also 249.95 USD.
SCS historically did a release promo where customers could purchase at a reduced price, and also did some other promotions throughout the year with reduced prices.
MAGIX also has a reduced price promo through net notify in Vegas, good until Sept 27.  After this deadline, the upgrade price for Vegas Pro goes back to 249.95 USD."

Go from 249 back to 249??

I knew my English wasn't perfect, but I didn't know it was this bad.


SphinxRa40 wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:39 AM

@Wolfgang S.

Your comments/defending for MAGIX makes no sense at all...

1. You really think MAGIX needs OUR money to continue development Vegas ? lol (there is also always a middle way)

2. Worth the price for you not for 90% of the other users

3. Please stop comparing an out-to-date program with a program that is up-to-date and worth it.

Stay at the facts that are now is going on with only VP, this is recent, those facts are the past or not relevant, that's the difference

OldSmoke wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:40 AM


For me it's not the cost of the upgrade but the fact that longtime and existing users of Vegas are treated worse than newcomers. Those that  bought VP13Pro+VP14Pro paid 199 and existing users of VP13 Pro pay 249? Note the "Pro" and not just Edit. How does that make any sense at all? Add to all that there is no AC-3 encoder, scripts are broken, DVDA aside from a name change is the same as DVDA 6 and GPU acceleration doesn't even work with older cards anymore. I am sure there are other issues to put on my list but that is sufficient for me to shake my head and say WTF.


Proud owner of Sony Vegas Pro 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 and now Magix VP15&16.

System Spec.:
Motherboard: ASUS X299 Prime-A

Ram: G.Skill 4x8GB DDR4 2666 XMP

CPU: i7-9800x @ 4.6GHz (custom water cooling system)
GPU: 1x AMD Vega Pro Frontier Edition (water cooled)
Hard drives: System Samsung 970Pro NVME, AV-Projects 1TB (4x Intel P7600 512GB VROC), 4x 2.5" Hotswap bays, 1x 3.5" Hotswap Bay, 1x LG BluRay Burner

PSU: Corsair 1200W
Monitor: 2x Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM (2560x1440)

ushere wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:54 AM

and i second oldsmoke's WTF!!!

Hellfire wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:09 AM



i just upgraded from Movie Studio Platinum 12 to Vegas Pro Edit 14 for 199$ (184€). through this URL https://support2.magix.com/customer/vegas/upgrade

I just selected the version I wanted to go for (the text on the page isn't that clear, the first time I went there I selected the product I already own and that obviously wouldn't get me Vegas Pro but MSP  again), and insert the serial of your current product. I could have grabbed Vegas Pro for 249$, just don't need the extras and wanted to keep the budget short. Totally happy customer now :)

But I get that it's silly that compared to my initial invest and the one made by a long time Pro User, it's quite unfair for those.



mmchael wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:17 AM

it's been a buggy product for the last few versions and behind competitors in most areas. The underlying product is good and a much better workflow in my opinion. Given its history, coming out and not doing something to excite and entice the existing user base is silly - especially as most of us persisted and worked around the bugs.

I doubt anyone on the marketing team crunched the numbers, looked at the scenarios and considered the positive effect the current user base could have on growing the product.

MAGIX generally gets their marketing right - what happened this time?

efolve wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:22 AM

I think Magix is committed to making Vegas a success -- its £199 Vegas Pro 13+14 promotion during the summer is evidence of that.

But the company has very obviously shot itself in the foot by upsetting many loyal customers who expected an equally generous upgrade offer. The way that big companies work, I doubt whether Magix will admit an error of judgement in the short term.

My prediction is that in a couple of months, those who haven't yet upgraded will be emailed with a special offer to upgade at a price that is more attractive than the one currently available.

JJKizak wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:43 AM

I am wondering now if the Vegas 14 Edit will function with the older DVD-A and Sounforge.

vkmast wrote on 9/24/2016, 6:28 AM

Looks doubtful. See



Len Kaufman wrote on 9/24/2016, 6:35 AM

Perhaps we "loyal customers" exhibited too much loyalty and enthusiasm. When the "bean counters" saw all of the anticipation among the existing users, they thought, "Wow, we can collect a lot of beans from these rubes."