Forum Feature Requests & Forum Issues

NickHope wrote on 8/31/2016, 1:57 AM

Please use this thread to make your requests for forum features and to report forum issues. Thanks to MAGIX for acting on many already. Here is my list, many of which are based on ideas from other users:

  1. Search (in development)(my wishlist)
  2. Jump to first unread comment
  3. Compact layout choice for larger displays (or auto-select by display type)
  4. Localized/international date formats
  5. Zoomable images
  6. Embed images hosted elsewhere
  7. Upload project files and scripts/plugins (.veg, .VF, .js, .cs, .zip etc.)
  8. Mark thread "read" (to ignore new comments if not interested in it)
  9. Mark all posts "read"
  10. "IMPORTANT POSTS" section to stay closed when closed for session
  11. Email notifications for new posts in selected forums / RSS support
  12. Quicker navigation to subscribed threads
  13. Re-order the categories for the New Topic dropdown menu
  14. Numbered comments
  15. Setting to show all comments on one page
  16. Comments per page setting to stick
  17. Trailing period and closing bracket not to be seen as part of URL (breaks links)
  18. Gallery / "Show your work" section
  19. Add system specs template to profile page
  20. Filter for unread posts in "SUBSCRIBED POSTS" list
  21. Ability to edit raw code of post & comments to fix formatting errors
  22. Notification to moderators of incoming messages in Moderator area
  23. Ability for moderators to merge threads
  24. Change "VEGAS PRO" categories to be "VIDEO & GENERAL", "AUDIO", and "SCRIPTING"
  25. Insert the author as a link with the quotations
  26. Send only 1 email when there are multiple comments on a subscribed thread.
  27. "Member since" date to show the original membership date on previous forum(s)
  28. An easier way to select the language when making a post and a way to change the language selection afterwards.
  29. Ability to paste an image directly to a post or comment
  30. Some age-weighting by default in search results
  31. Page-navigation doesn't work on Android when viewing a direct comment URL many more good suggestions in the comments below...

DONE 👍 (thanks MAGIX!):

  1. "I want to follow this post" off by default
  2. Infinite editability of original posts
  3. "THANKS" on first post
  4. "Last seen" date on profile page
  5. COMMENTS on MY PROFILE to display most recent first
  6. Bug - Word order gets shuffled when posting
  7. Bug - QUOTE button doesn't work after navigating directly to last page of comments
  8. Display "Thanks" count on our own posts
  9. Bug - Duplicate edit windows after navigating directly to last page of comments
  10. A way to open a user's profile from the Messages window
  11. Search for a user's profile by name or partial name
  13. Avatars not appearing in the Moderator area Messages section
  14. Bug - Number of answers is incorrect for a post that has been moved
  15. Display "Thanks" count on our own COMMENTS (already done for POSTS)
  16. Reinstate the "breadcrumbs" at the bottom of the page, not just at the top.
  17. Please add the navigation graphic on the right of the page to all posts, even if they only have one page of comments.
  18. Posts per page setting to stick
  19. Support for browsers' spell checker
  20. Displayable edit history


VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 8/31/2016, 2:32 AM

Hi Nick,
Thank you so much for your work. This List will help us too! By the way, yesterday we did an update which changed number 3, added bold visualization of subscribed threads and added a navigation on the bottom of each thread.

NickHope wrote on 8/31/2016, 3:30 AM

Had noticed that last 2 but not the "I want to follow this post". That's great!

set wrote on 8/31/2016, 3:38 AM

Add 24 : System specs of your current computer systems in your 'Profile page'


set wrote on 8/31/2016, 3:48 AM

25 : in Subscribed Post list, you can temporarily filter for unread new posts only. It will be a headache if you already have hundred of pages of subscribed post, searching unread new post.

NickHope wrote on 8/31/2016, 3:51 AM

Re. system specs, yes set, and make them detailed. Fields for Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM, OS version, software versions. Anything else?

set wrote on 8/31/2016, 4:35 AM

Re. system specs, yes set, and make them detailed. Fields for Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM, OS version, software versions. Anything else?

Brand and type (if you are using an already assembled system or laptop), additional cards (in case someone is using BMD decklink card, intensity shuttle, AJA card, or additional sound cards).

Previously we also have DVD / BD writers, but does these items still needed?

Additional notes for this system:

I think those are from me, but perhaps Eric D / Gary R as Vegas developers can also give suggestion on what additional specs they need to follow up an issue.

DocSatori wrote on 8/31/2016, 5:27 AM

"Anything else?" That's a long list already, but I suppose I'd like a few 😉 things.

a. A sidebar (vertical box on the right) listing the 5 or 10 most active topics.

b. A sidebar on the right listing the 5 or 10 most commonly asked questions targetted at new users. (This might mean having a way for users  to rate topics as 'commonly asked' and have them automatically updated as things change.)

c. A sidebar listing the top 5 or 10 most 'thanked' users. Not to make this into a contest, but to:

i. recognize their contributions

ii. to get a sense of who's actively participating and who's not.

d. A forum category of 'Creative Solutions' - seperate from the existing forums which mostly are helping solve technical issues. A forum for sharing novel editing jobs, discussing if a particular effect should be included in newer software versions, rating existing software features, collborating on projects and similar.

e. A 'Gallery' where users can post stills or videos of their work or 'found' work others might like. This might also include links to outside resources to websites and videos for people who offer non-commerical tutorials and similar. And not to make it too competitive, the possibility to enter or nominate user creations for annual voting. Again, not to make it a competition, but to highlight and teach good techniques. Each item posted could include the user's name(s), software version used, copyright preferences, description of technique to achieve effect or results.

f. A searchable checklist or users' 'talents.' For each user information page, you should be able to add tags for languages, software versions owned, special skills, special certifications and similar; so that non-English speakers can search for translation help, or  users can find those users who might be able to help with specific problems.

g. A 'last seen' tag added to each users profile. If someone hasn't been active since 2008, I'm not likely gonna wanna message them.

h. For the 'system specs' - maybe the possibility to list more than one system, and maybe the possibility to list other software most frequently used, especially if someone has access to very highend editing software, special effects software, etc.


NickHope wrote on 8/31/2016, 6:25 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess sidebars would probably only work if separate forum interfaces are introduced for different types of display. I don't think there's room for them on a smartphone on the same page as the main body of the forum.

vkmast wrote on 8/31/2016, 7:52 AM

The personal profile pages have now latest POSTS first, but latest COMMENTS last. I'd like to see (my) latest Comments first as well. Maybe this was already mentioned, but just in case.

DocSatori wrote on 8/31/2016, 8:05 AM

I tried to update my previous post with a substantial amount of text. It didn't post. I hope it eventually appears. I think my edits went poof after I clicked 'save changes.' I guess that makes me want to add a save draft capability then.

set wrote on 8/31/2016, 8:10 AM

A customized 'Personalization' settings for how the forum appear can help user adjusting themselves on how the forum appear to them, like:

  • Date and Time (12 hour / 24 hour) format
  • Topic sort
  • Always follow post default = enabled/disabled
  • Customize comments showing = show all, per 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 - separate adjustment for Full Desktop version and Mobile version.
  • Always showing / turn off the first topic / original post when browsing separate comments pages of the topic.
  • More to add later if needed.
DocSatori wrote on 8/31/2016, 8:46 AM

Wow, looks like my additional list items were lost. OK, here are the highlights:

  • if so many people intend to access the forums by smartphone - I thought most were saying they wouldn't - then, the creation of an App that pulls in only the principal parts of the forum and leaves off sidebars etc. Now, I see 40 per cent white screen. Lots of room for sidebars.
  • the creation of a shared cloud folder(s) for everyone and anyone to drop files, media, documents for sharing in the forums instead of everyone having to create a new account on a new cloud service just to see someone's file - and to not have to constantly tell people not to upload to a popular online video service - and several people be assigned to maintaining that folder(s)
  • deleting the 1800 plus or minus smilies and emoticons - I find them childish and unuseful. Instead, change them for new icons for common keystrokes and shortcuts specific to the software so that the explanation of keystrokes doesn't have to be typed out in words and is easy to understand across languages. 1800 plus emoticons?
  • colour coding a user's hexagon on their avatar to indicate their self-specified user level - beginner, novice, professional, ... or similar
  • adding a 'member since' to a user's avatar - just because a user doesn't comment or thank or get thanked, doesn't mean they're not a regular or longtime visitor
  • add on the comments window frame a drop down selection of colour scales and greyscales for including in posts beside images for calibration and comparisons - there's lots out there to pick from
  • add a Cartesian grid (light blue) to the comments window background for aiding in the laying out and sizing of media and images; and for easier reading
  • add up to date and common screenshots of the software's user interface that can be downloaded for modification (possibly in the shared cloud folder) or inserted for reference from a dropdown menu instead of having to create one from our own screen each time
  • add limited advertising that is product related to the page (I like to stay informed of new products and it could generate income for MAGIX) and allow forum users a possibility for a discount to promote their product related books, guides, tutorials
  • allow the ability for two or more users to collaborate in one comment posting. Having only the possibility to collaborate through a series of disjointed posts interrupted by other posts over multiple pages is not efficient. Plus, it gives the possibility for two users to post various examples side by side, help with language problems, edit if one user disappears, etc etc. (help with language problems, technical problems)
  • apply an alphanumeric code indicating the user who posted a comment and topic coding to each posted comment possibly beside the date stamp. This will allow sorting of comments and similar if the forum texts are periodically posted into the new shared cloud folder - for example UUUU-FF-PPPPPPPP, where U is a unique user code, F is the forum number, P is the post in that forum. I see this list as being more useful down the road.
  • the ability for users to indicate if they use FTP software to exchange files
  • permanent links to existing product related social networking feeds, and the assigning of more than one person to create and maintain new social networking feeds
  • the ability to suggest that older out dated posts be archived and removed to avoid clutter and confusion (especially from search engine results) - possibly putting them in a shared cloud folder (possibly on a MAGIX server) (possibly the ability to signal that a post is incorrect or out of date)
  • ability to signal posts that are spam, abusive or similar for removal or censoring

I'll be happy to add or modify my suggestions - but want to post this ASAP in case it too disappears!

DocSatori wrote on 8/31/2016, 9:02 AM

Parallel, I'd like a new forum heading that I don't think falls under off topic. A forum for exchanging ideas on meet-ups, ad hoc seminars, collaborations, job opportunities - anything that is not a 'technical help' forum, but product related. More of social club atmosphere for sharing personal projects, maybe contests between users (short videos), the ability to post holiday greeting videos, ... . Quite frankly, this is something really missing from the forums. I don't mind chipping in on technical questions, but I'd also like a learning and social experience here. If not here, then hopefully the social networking sites (and their permanent links here) will be created and used for those ideas. I'd just find it easier to do it here where we could use my proposed cloud storage idea effectively.

NickHope wrote on 8/31/2016, 11:54 PM

Thanks for all the good suggestions. To stop the list in the original post getting ridiculously long, and to preserve my own sanity, I've changed it to be "my" list and won't add every single request to it. I hope nobody minds.

Quitter wrote on 9/3/2016, 9:11 AM

i missed an "online marker"
so you can't see who is online or offline

Last changed by Quitter on 9/4/2016, 4:58 AM, changed a total of 1 times.

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NickHope wrote on 9/6/2016, 10:09 PM

These URLs are redirecting now but I don't think they were before:

MAGIX, please advise! We need to be able to link to stuff like this.

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 9/7/2016, 1:54 AM

Thank you for the bug report. We are in the middle of fixing that.
FYI: Online markers are in development

Edit: Fixed!

set wrote on 9/7/2016, 3:51 AM

Mathias, the Google Drive Link from my post didn't work correctly when clicked from this forum - resulting the file being 'not exist' - but if you copy-paste the link manually to new tab of browser, the file is right there.


Edit: FOUND the issue: the link was automatically made lower-cased by this forum's mechanic, resulting the file missing from Google Drive.

Test Link if inserted HERE. - the same : missing file


vkmast wrote on 9/7/2016, 4:44 AM

What's up with DIRECT LINK? Not making any sense to me at the moment.

edit: I see one needs to copy link address?


NickHope wrote on 9/7/2016, 6:59 AM

What's up with DIRECT LINK? Not making any sense to me at the moment.

You mean you don't understand what it's for or it's not working correctly?

set wrote on 9/7/2016, 7:05 AM

So far Direct Link is working nicely. It is a great feature if you want to make a link to any important comment / solution rather than make the link to a topic with hundreds of comments.

vkmast wrote on 9/7/2016, 7:11 AM

Nick, I was surprised to see I need to right-click and copy link address.

NickHope wrote on 9/7/2016, 8:48 AM

Oh right. I guess it may be better if left click copied the URL to the clipboard instead of opening that comment in the current browser window.