(FAQ) Where can I download VEGAS Pro and other VEGAS software?


vkmast wrote on 10/21/2019, 4:08 AM

That section 5 Direct links is an invaluable asset re VEGAS, MAGIX era.

edit: currently it's in section 6.

vkmast wrote on 12/29/2019, 2:56 AM

Re VEGAS Movie Studio 16 direct links: VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Update 4 (build 175) (basic, non-Platinum version) please note that build 175 is for the Platinum version. The MAGIX Download Center (as in section 4) currently (12/29/2019) still gives build 158 as the latest available update for the basic version.


NickHope wrote on 1/1/2020, 7:17 AM

@vkmast Fixed. Thanks.

I'm thinking of restructuring the post soon, as it's getting too long now.

walter-i. wrote on 2/9/2021, 2:30 AM

Bitte um Korrektur - dieser Link funktioniert nicht:
http://VEGAS Pro 14.0 Update 6 (build 252)

NickHope wrote on 2/9/2021, 5:17 AM

Bitte um Korrektur - dieser Link funktioniert nicht:
http://VEGAS Pro 14.0 Update 6 (build 252)

@walter-i. Unfortunately only the final updates of all versions of VEGAS Pro before VP18 b373 and all versions of VEGAS Movie Studio are now available.

Stevie wrote on 5/10/2022, 10:54 AM

Hi Nick. Thanks for the direct links.The download manager links I was sent were taking ages. I downloaded the direct links for the latest - VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Deep Learning Models works fine and any third party plugins I installed also work fine. The three AI plugins sadly however don't work. I get either black screens ( Colorize) or error screens ( Style Transfer).

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Reyfox wrote on 5/31/2022, 2:24 PM

The B550 link isn't working as of right now.... I updated to B636, and it isn't working well for me, so I decided to go back to B550 and at the moment, I get a Bad Gateway.

UPDATE: The links are working now, albeit, slow. I guess people are downloading the new build....

Reyfox wrote on 5/31/2022, 4:32 PM

@lan-mLMC I was able to download and install. For @fr0sty I will uninstall B550 (I now saved it) and try the update and see if the problems I was having are related to Graide Color Match, or the update itself.