EricLNZ wrote on 5/31/2022, 5:54 PM

What are the audio files? MediaInfo would help. Instructions in this post

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 5/31/2022, 8:18 PM

Its a .mp3.

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 5/31/2022, 8:20 PM

Nom complet                              : C:\Users\Stefan\Desktop\testaudio 163 - Copie.mp3
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Taille du fichier                        : 211 Mio
Durée                                    : 1 h 31 min
Type de débit global                     : Constant
Débit global moyen                       : 320 kb/s
Genre                                    : Autre

Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Version du format                        : Version 1
Profil du format                         : Layer 3
Durée                                    : 1 h 31 min
Type de débit                            : Constant
Débit                                    : 320 kb/s
Canaux                                   : 2 canaux
Echantillonnage                          : 44,1 kHz
Images par seconde                       : 38,281 Im/s (1152 SPF)
Mode de compression                      : Avec perte
Taille du flux                           : 211 Mio (100%)

EricLNZ wrote on 6/2/2022, 6:30 AM

Your files details look no different to my mp3s so there's nothing unusual about them.

I've never come across mp3s crashing on splitting. Right click on one in Media Pane or Timeline and go to Properties. In the General tab scroll down and tell us which Plug-in is being used. In my VMS17 it's "mp3plug2.dll"

Musicvid wrote on 6/2/2022, 3:45 PM

I hope your mp3 files are on your desktop computer and not on a remote drive somewhere. Also, if you're trying to work on files originally on iTunes, it probably won't work bc of DRM.

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 6/2/2022, 5:49 PM

The file is on my desktop. Its a file a take from Zoom. I have the same issue with this file and same if a convert with Magic to mp3. I never had this issue since 4 years. Its appears like two months ago. Maybe after an update from Microsoft? I will return to you tomorrow the plug-in when a will be at home. Thanks. ;)

Musicvid wrote on 6/2/2022, 7:27 PM

Back up; Eric already sensed that we may not be getting your full story.

Zoom Meetings do not record mp3 natively to my knowledge. Therefore, the 900 pound elephant in the room would like to ask how you are converting them from the native MP4 / M4A files that were recorded in Zoom? Audacity perhaps?

Be specific. Tell us all the details. Upload a file if asked.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/2/2022, 9:15 PM

@Musicvid You are more knowledgable than me. Do you see anything unusual in the mp3 MediaInfo that could cause problems?

@Stephane-Gagnon If you have a short problem mp3 file that you could upload to a cloud service for us to download and try that would help as we could see if we get the same problem. I have 16 and 17 Platinum installed.

Musicvid wrote on 6/2/2022, 9:43 PM

@Musicvid You are more knowledgable than me. Do you see anything unusual in the mp3 MediaInfo that could cause problems?

Nothing obvious. But mp3 encoding in the wild is about as about as inconsistent as it gets.

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 6/3/2022, 5:46 AM

Hi Eric.
the plugin is the same of you.
Module externe
  Nom : mp3plug2.dll
  Dossier : C:\Program Files\VEGAS\Movie Studio Platinum 16.0\FileIO Plug-Ins\mp3plug2
  Format : Audio MP3
  Version : Version 3.0 (Build 10369)
  Société : MAGIX Computer Products Intl. Co.

The file from Zoom is a M4a. And this is the plugin
Module externe
  Nom : fhgaacplug2.dll


Musicvid wrote on 6/3/2022, 6:19 AM

The file from Zoom is a M4a. And this is the plugin

Your story keeps changing, but my question has not. What are you using to convert the M4A to MP3?

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 6/5/2022, 5:11 AM

My story doesnt keep changing. I add detail. And i convert with the same software that i have this issue. Magix movie studio platinum. The problem is the same before and after.

vkmast wrote on 6/5/2022, 6:27 AM

Just a reminder that "Magix movie studio platinum" (versions 18 and 2022) is a totally different program from MAGIX (the parent company) and peer support for it is available here. Versions from 14 to 17 came from VEGAS.

Musicvid wrote on 6/5/2022, 7:43 AM

So you have an .m4a file from Zoom, you are converting it to .mp3 in Magix Movie Studio, and it won't open in Vegas Movie Studio 14 or 16? Why are you doing that?

Sorry, this is over my pay scale. But .m4a files from Zoom meetings open just fine in Vegas Pro 14 and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13, the versions closest to yours that I have registered.

Unless I've missed something, I don't see a need to convert to .mp3, since that is not a standard audio format for video production. Is there any more information you'd feel comfortable sharing?

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 6/5/2022, 4:11 PM

I never convert the .m4a files to mp3 before i have this issue. I doing it just for test and see if its change the issue. And the issue is the same. I used MSP for make my audio podcast not video. I works with version 14 until last month and for 5 years ago and never have this issue before. I bought version 16 and the issue is same. But I find a way to make my montage. Its not cut and delete a part but just slide and reduce the file. I dont want buy another version like 18 and take the risk having the same issue. But thank to all to tried help me. I will live with this, untill i found a new software to do my podcast.
Have a good time. ;)

Musicvid wrote on 6/5/2022, 5:09 PM

I'm sorry, you keep introducing new details with each post. So you are doing podcasts? With m4a audio? The file details you posted are for mp3. Which podcast software? You'll have better luck getting peer support by starting at the beginning, which is here, and good luck:

set wrote on 6/5/2022, 5:20 PM

I prefer convert them to WAV first if needed.

As about Zoom record media experience, I had no trouble in one or two first project, but then in 3rd project - had trouble editing video. A lot of lag - until I rerender the video.

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EricLNZ wrote on 6/6/2022, 7:11 PM

@Stephane-Gagnon Irrespective of Musicvid's apparent concern over how your mp3 files were created I'm surprised they freeze your Vegas Movie Studio versions. The Mediainfo looks normal and I wouldn't expect MagixMovie Studio to produce unusual files. Do your mp3 files also freeze your Magix Movie Studio? Which version is it? As vkmast mentioned MS18 onwards is a different product to Vegas Movie Studio.

With your problem with Vegas Movie Studio please upload a file to a cloud service so we can download and try in our VMS. We can then establish whether the files are a problem or whether it's something unique to your system.

Stephane-Gagnon wrote on 6/7/2022, 11:29 AM

Hi Eric.

Maybe because english is not my official language is it more difficult to understand what i try to say.

But like i said before i found a way to do my editing. Like reduce part i want cut and not delete the part. I will look later if the final editing give the same issue and give you the link. I dont want share the orginal files because i will need cut some part because some information i need keep private.

Thanks for you time on this. :)