how to make specified color more/less colored

marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 12:11 PM



I would like to make specific colors more or less saturated.

For example I would like to make green more green and blue more blue. Any other colours should not be changed.

I saw such solution in other softwares. Is it possible to achieve this in Vegas Pro 16?


What are the differences between color correcting and color grading? Is it the synonym or maybe there are some differences?


Please help me




Musicvid wrote on 4/27/2019, 12:27 PM

Play around with Secondary Color Corrector fx.

User fan-boy can give you lots of good advice on this.

marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 12:40 PM

The solution from my attached image is the solution I am looking for. It suits my needs exactly as I want.

Maybe there are some 3rd party plugins which can do that for me.

Can you advise me such 3rd party plugin?

Kinvermark wrote on 4/27/2019, 12:50 PM

Unless you want to go colour by colour with the secondary CC, then you will need a third party plug-in. Red Giant might still have Colorista available for Vegas (not sure) - it works pretty much like your example. NewBlue also has some ranged saturation plug-ins that may suit you.


marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:11 PM

Ok Thank you.
Can you please answer my second question:

What are the differences between color correcting and color grading? Is it the synonym or maybe there are some differences?

Marco. wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:19 PM

Sometimes both terms are used for the same thing and sometimes "color correcting" means a base processing for correcting incorrect black, white, gamma and color levels/hues while "color grading" means a post processing for applying a particular look to a video.

Marco. wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:23 PM

There are many plug-ins available which do same as what is seen on your screenshot, e.g. the free AAV ColorLab plug-in which is a 6 channel color corrector.

DFT is another great plug-in with many tools (around a hundred) for color correcting and color grading, one of them is "Ozon" which applies adjusting color values based on 10 different zones which again could be pulled out in several ways.

marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:34 PM

Thank you Marco. What does it mean zone (1-10) in the DFT plugin?

vkmast wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:36 PM

See also Vegas Magazine for a short description. Quote: "Color correction is the adjustment of the intensity of color, as well as the compliment of color in a scene to create a natural or realistic effect. Its purpose is to “neutralize” or compensate for the influence of factors which affect the perception of color. On the other hand, color grading‘s primary purpose is to create a stylized or aesthetic effect through the addition or removal of colors."

Musicvid wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:43 PM

Color Correction is an attempt to adjust the light levels and coloring to best match what the average observers' eyes perceive. Often, tools to measure and compare luminance and chroma are used to facilitate this.

Color Grading, the right-brain creative process, uses effects, from subliminal to garish, to attempt to create a mood, a feeling, an impression or emotion in the viewer. Or not.

So while the wedding photo may be corrected to perfection, the wise grader may soften and pink it up a bit to put a heavenly glow in th bride's cheeks.

That's it in a nutshell, with all kinds of overlap in practice. For traditional post production, it's 50% correction and 5% grading.


Marco. wrote on 4/27/2019, 1:44 PM

In Ozone zones are parts of an image which could be processed independently, based on certain criteria. You could pull different zones from different color hues, different luma values, different saturation etc, then split the image into 10 zones and for each of the zone you can apply the color correction processes which you see on that screenshot. Also you can control the zone areas by previewing the zones as a gray masked image so you see which part of the image is actually processed.

I found a good description which is done with the Ozone Photoshop plug-in but Ozone in the DFT plug-in for Vegas Pro is exactly same.

Musicvid wrote on 4/27/2019, 2:51 PM

Wow, Zones^10.

Something Adams never dreamed of controlling in a darkroom, but knew of in his writing.

Still the best place to learn post-production theory, IMO.

marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 4:29 PM

Musicvd - is it possible to purchase these books in e-books?

marcinzm wrote on 4/27/2019, 5:07 PM

Marco, is this DFT plugin worth purchasing?
Are there any cheaper or free alternatives?
Are you able to create cartoon look with DFT plugin?

I have read the description and it sounds great.

I think these zones will cover my needs - such zones is the feature I have been really looking for for many years.

Please share with us your opinion about DFT - because it is no so cheap plugin.

Musicvid wrote on 4/27/2019, 7:52 PM

Musicvd - is it possible to purchase these books in e-books?

I don't know, but before you feel disappointed, realize that Adams' writings are nothing about color or video.

The priciples of monochrome light, acquisition, media, and imaging, are universal,whether analog or decimal.

Red Prince wrote on 4/27/2019, 10:05 PM

Use the Palette Mallet plug-in. Pick red, green, blue, cyan, magenta or yellow, or any combination thereof and increase or decrease its saturation.

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Richard Jones wrote on 4/28/2019, 3:29 AM

Perhaps the best recognised work on this subject is "The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction" by Steve Hullfish" (published by Focal Press). It is a comprehensive and detailed guide to the whole subject.



Marco. wrote on 4/28/2019, 5:28 AM

"Marco, is this DFT plugin worth purchasing?"

It definitely was for me, but I can't tell for you. If it would be only for this one particular tool, then certainly no. But it is one out of more than a hundred tools DFT offers.

"Are there any cheaper or free alternatives?"

It all depends on what you would use out of the whole toolset. I didn't find another color correction toolset which is such comprehensive, MB Looks isn't, Resolve isn't (and can't be used as plug-in), HitFilm Ignite isn't. And I didn't find another one which offers a matte preview for most of the filters to exactly see which part of your video is affected.
Free alternatives for this one particular FX where you could modify the saturation of three or six colors are mentioned in the other posts above.

"Are you able to create cartoon look with DFT plugin?"

Yes, there is a Cartoon FX in the toolset. Though there are a lot of others Cartoon FX plug-ins available for Vegas Pro.

I'd recommend installing the demo version of DFT and also reading the DFT manual where each of the given tools is described including a sample pic of the FX (if you install the demo version, the manual will be installed, too).

Dimitrios wrote on 4/28/2019, 10:19 AM

I use the individual color channels in color curves, but it's not super precise.

fr0sty wrote on 4/28/2019, 10:30 AM

As first mentioned, I'd use multiple instances of the secondary color corrector plugin to isolate individual colors and control saturation, lightness, etc. Just assign each instance of the plugin a different color, then you can isolate and control saturation of as many colors as you want, and it's all free, included in Vegas.


Having saturation controls for a selectable range of colors would be nice, and I have mentioned it to the team already, maybe they'll look into it... but this is a perfectly functional workaround in the mean time, and it doesn't really take much more time than if they did have those controls in place.

marcinzm wrote on 5/3/2019, 9:18 AM

I have purchased DFT plugin lately and I tried it out. This plugin is great. I think it is the best color correction tool for Vegas Pro. The solution they give is very easy and predictable. You don`t have to combine, you can easily figure it out.


Please take a look at my drone video with DFT plugin applied:



Thank you Marco for good advice.


fr0sty wrote on 5/3/2019, 1:39 PM

Considering how long we've been asking the team for improved color tools, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see that as a primary focus for Vegas in the future.

Kinvermark wrote on 5/3/2019, 2:14 PM

IMO, it's not just WHAT the tools allow you to do, but how easily and QUICKLY they allow that work to be done. The days of working clip-by-clip, with individual FX, click-drag-sliders one-by-one, are rapidly being surpassed by unified colour interfaces (e.g. Lumetri color, Resolve Color page) matched with hardware controllers (Blackmagic, Tangent Design, AVID, Loupedeck…) If you have a hundred clips on the timeline that need colour work, and you are not on a Hollywood budget, then that work needs to be done really fast.

I would encourage the Vegas team to take a good look at the feasibility of implementing these elements into Vegas as opposed to making a slightly improved set of tools that are similar to what can be purchased as plug-ins already.

Kinvermark wrote on 5/3/2019, 2:31 PM


Looks like the DFT plug-in for Vegas (Video OFX version) is $595.00 US. Is that correct?

Marco. wrote on 5/3/2019, 3:10 PM