Uniform cropping

Barry-Knapper wrote on 2/13/2020, 6:30 AM

Awhile ago I could select a video clip on my timeline, click on the crop/pan tool for the video clip, resize the frame down and then it would apply the crop uniformly throughout the clip. But now it seems to just behave erratically with the cropping changing throughout the clip. eg; I have a clip showing a train running right to left and I am following it by panning my camera. Afterwards in Vegas I see the train is too small and so need to zoom in all through the clip hence my using the crop/pan tool to do this. But when I then run the clip it behaves strangely with gradual zooming in and out and never stables with uniform crop. What have I done wrong? It used to work OK but has crept in over the last few months. I am using Vegas Pro 16 on a Windows 8.1 PC. Thanks


Musicvid wrote on 2/13/2020, 6:33 AM

You may have automatic keyframes turned on.

Resize the pan/crop window, remove the extra keyframes, and unclick the padlock.

Dexcon wrote on 2/13/2020, 6:41 AM

In the pan/crop tool, do you have the 'Sync Cursor' enabled? If yes, you can get unexpected results because your adjustments are made at the point where the timeline cursor is within the event, not from the beginning of the event.

Barry-Knapper wrote on 2/13/2020, 6:49 AM

Aaaah. Many thanks to you both. I found a number of diamond icons along the timeline track which I presume are the keyframe changes. So I removed them all and it is uniformly cropped now. Thanks again for curing my headache. :-)

Musicvid wrote on 2/13/2020, 8:45 AM

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vkmast wrote on 2/13/2020, 9:03 AM

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Barry-Knapper wrote on 2/13/2020, 10:18 AM