VEGAS DVD Architect Update 3 (build 100) - General Discussion


darryl-k wrote on 7/17/2019, 10:08 PM

I have a 34" LG 21:9 monitor and it's set to 3440x1440. I have font scaling at 100%. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried a number of resolutions, signing out between each, and still the same problem. I also tried running it on my laptop screen directly (Lenovo P72) and the same issue happens. This wasn't an issue with the previous build. Curious to know what has changed?

UPDATE: Just installed the May 2019 1903 build of Windows 10 and that has solved the dialog box problem.

paul-marshall wrote on 8/13/2019, 4:03 AM

Is it now possible to make a 5.1 surround BluRay using an AC3 file from VP17 created with AC3 Studio?

Previously DVDA would only accept a 5.1 AC3 created with AC3 Pro - and Magix Vegas did not include it. It was possible to copy and rename the AC3 Pro plugin from an old version of Vegas, but that doesnt work now, it crashes.

On a quick test Optimise Disc showed a tick by audio but still said "recompress required - Media not compiant with disc format". even though project properties are the same. Confused.

However on a quick test it does appear to work but I'd like to know if, officially, that is correct.

_litz wrote on 8/25/2019, 7:53 PM

Still seeing the same issues I've seen with every previous release of DVDA7 ...

1) any button action placed on a video track works ONCE ... and then if you navigate back to that video track, it never works again (there are not button(s) selected when you return to the video. Eject and reload the disc, works fine. Works fine in the Preview, doesn't work in a real player.

Can be replicated easily : create a new project with a single menu, with a single button calling the video ... put a button on the video calling the menu. Now burn the disc and play on a real player ... selecting the video from the menu plays the video. Hitting the button on top of the video sends you back to the video. Now select the video from the menu again ... the button on the video no longer works.

2) projects with multiple AVC video tracks do not load in DVDA7. They get to around 65-67% and stall forever. Same project loads in DVDA6 without issues.

Can also be replicated easily : add enough videos that it stops loading. Should be around 8-10.