What's the correct name?

Musicvid wrote on 5/17/2020, 10:57 AM

The wall of characters look, like Zoom, that now are casting concerts, as well as tv shows, what is it called? I want to call it the Brady Bunch effect, but that puts me in the wrong century.

Our local outdoors jazz festival went virtual this year with some great names, and some groups were better than live.


set wrote on 5/17/2020, 4:27 PM

Video Collage?

TV - Wall?


vkmast wrote on 5/18/2020, 4:41 AM

TV Collage?

Video Wall?

Musicvid wrote on 5/18/2020, 5:51 AM

I'm leaning toward Video Wall. Some of the multiplexing is pretty slick. Any idea what they're using to do this live?

Jessariah67 wrote on 5/18/2020, 6:20 AM

FWIW, I've always heard it referred to as a video wall as well.

Dexcon wrote on 5/18/2020, 7:18 AM

Any idea what they're using to do this live?

I've not seen extensive video walls done 'live' which of course is not to say that it can't be done live. The ones I've seen from around the world using a dozen or even more windows have evidently been done in post (as discussed in another post on the forum not all that long ago - https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/making-a-video-from-a-choir--120370/#ca750421).

The closest to a live video wall I've seen are the 2, 3, 4 or 5 video walls - usually L to R - have been discussions from home-based or far located presenters and interviewees on news programs such as CNN, Fox News, BBC News etc.

Marco. wrote on 5/18/2020, 10:45 AM

"Any idea what they're using to do this live?"

In the broadcast area this can be done via the video switchers. It's then both a combination of the internal DVE and additional functions like the "resizers" of up-to-date Sony switchers.
Each (Sony) switcher layer usually offers 4 to 8 key busses and at least 4 of them offer a resizer function (which is similar to Vegas Pro's Track Motion).
So with a 3-layered video switcher you could build a 12-fold picture-in-picture effect, plus additional 2 or 4 folds via the DVE. A 4-layered video switcher could build a 16- up to 20-fold picture-in-picture effect in real time. The delay usually isn't more than 2 or 3 frames.

john_dennis wrote on 5/20/2020, 10:24 AM

@Musicvid @Marco.

In a matter of weeks the networks have gotten slicker and slicker with these effects. Examples: American Idol and The Voice finals remotes from all over the country.

  1. I mused to my daughter recently that a good contrarian stock play might be some small video switcher manufacturer that makes the small ones that had to be sent to dozens of places around the country for these shows. So far, I haven't tried to time the market. I'm in it for the "long run", but my "long run" gets shorter every day.
  2. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) I can remember when the "split-screen" first became a big deal on network television.