michael-harrison wrote on 6/5/2020, 1:49 PM

yep. Ctrl-z is my close friend.


rock-c wrote on 6/5/2020, 1:55 PM

@michael-harrison Is the reason of accidental cutting that: when you deleta a clip, the next clip is not selected automatically? And you forget to selecte the next clip manually? So you cut both your current track and other tracks accidently?

Chienworks wrote on 6/5/2020, 3:38 PM

When i have multiple tracks on the screen i'm always very careful to click in the event i want to split first before doing the split. The split will only affect selected events, if any are selected at all.

rraud wrote on 6/5/2020, 3:56 PM

"do you often cut events in other tracks accidentally"?

No, not often

set wrote on 6/5/2020, 5:54 PM

If I have positioned the playhead ready for split and found still not selecting specific event that I want to cut, I right clicked on that event clip to select so that the playhead cursor didn't change.

Marco. wrote on 6/5/2020, 6:14 PM

If someone feels uncomfortable with using this core feature I'd recommend using SeMW extension which offers same feature(s) but track sensitive.

Or use a shuttle device or just a macro with a <select next event and split/trim> command.

Musicvid wrote on 6/5/2020, 6:49 PM

No, I select my desired events first. [Edit /]

Dexcon wrote on 6/5/2020, 7:13 PM

No. As per Musicvid for me - but on the event.

MH7 wrote on 6/6/2020, 12:17 AM

Yes, I have done that a couple of times. Then I had to CTRL+Z it. I’ve come to realise that you really have to select the track you want to cut to slice only that track. Seems logical enough, but I didn’t realise...until I did.

Marco. wrote on 6/6/2020, 3:25 AM

Vegas Pro's core split feature does not take care of selected track(s), the split feature of SeMW Extensions does.

rock-c wrote on 6/6/2020, 3:42 AM

@Marco. Does it has a key?

rock-c wrote on 6/6/2020, 3:44 AM

@lan-mLMC Maybe it is events.

walter-i. wrote on 6/6/2020, 3:46 AM

If I have positioned the playhead ready for split and found still not selecting specific event that I want to cut, I right clicked on that event clip to select so that the playhead cursor didn't change.

And I did it with a script "Select Video and Audio at cursor" and start it from the Shuttle pro.
I didn't come up with this simple option.
You just learn every day ......
Thank you, @set

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vkmast wrote on 6/6/2020, 4:00 AM


Marco. wrote on 6/6/2020, 5:15 AM

"Does it has a key?"

As it is an extension (just like the script solution walter-i mentioned) you can set any key-stroke you want to use it. You could also make it a clickable icon of your toolbar.

Use "Options/Customize Toolbar" and/or "Options/Customize Keyboard".

Former user wrote on 6/6/2020, 7:49 AM

@set you can also CTRL-LEFTCLICK to keep from moving the cursor when you select an event.

Yes, I split tracks accidentally occasionally, but ctrl-z is my best friend.

Musicvid wrote on 6/6/2020, 9:57 AM

Previous post corrected.

michael-harrison wrote on 6/7/2020, 8:20 AM

@Former user wish I'd known about that method before, I'd use ctrl-z less.

I tend *not* to click on tracks because it moves the cursor as often as not. I think I'll set up a macro for Universal Remote for ctrl-left click.


Marco. wrote on 6/7/2020, 8:51 AM

To select a track don't click into track but click onto the track header instead. This won't move the cursor.

Dexcon wrote on 6/7/2020, 9:03 AM

Getting back to the OP's issue, just take the cursor to the point on the event where you want to split and hit S for split. Easy. The only downside is to make sure that the video/audio are ungrouped (U) if you only want to split the video or audio independent of the other.

And also getting back to the OP's initial question:

After you finish cutting, do you find that events in other tracks is cut messily accidently?

... make sure that ripple is off because that can mess the timeline up enormously when using split and deleting just the A or V of the event or when there are other events crossing paths with that event on the TL.

rock-c wrote on 6/11/2020, 10:02 PM

@Dexcon Thanks for explanation.