Will the real multitrack please stand up

Scott wrote on 6/16/1999, 4:29 AM
Hello Sonic Foundry,

I am enjoying Vegas very much. Thank you for such a great and uncluttered product. Simple
pleasures and deep satisfaction are in store for me and all who use Vegas. I have used nearly
every PC based multitrack software both professionaly and for pleasure over a 5 year span. To
date, I have had the pleasure of running a fully loaded Pro-Tools rig synched via house clock to
video decks, the patience to use an 840av struggling to pump out 8 tracks with Deck (a
sentimental favorite) and a nagging feeling that I should know german after working with
Samplitude for so long. I actually bought a V8 card, the Waves DSP plugins and a copy of
MxTrax, ouch! Professionaly, I am a sound designer currently working at Blizzard
Entertainment North and previously was at Spectrum Holobyte/Microprose (hello Mike Winter,
how are you?). For pleasure, I compose, play, record, and edit music at my home studio. After
one night and two mixes with Vegas, I feel like I have found a multitrack home. Of course,
since I am beginning to have an emotional attatchment to this piece of software, I have a few
suggestions on how to make it even more lovable...I am sure you are in "feature-freeze" mode
now, but I have no doubt that at least some of these ideas could be of use to you in future

Volume, pan, FX envelopes should all have editable colors or at least different colors. It is VERY
confusing looking at three squiggly blue lines when I have 32 or even 8 tracks and tons of
automation. I like being able to just glance and know what is going on.

The envelope editing tool should be able to ctrl click to select non-contiguous points. In
example below , if I drag over just the '*' points, the '+' points are selected as well and I have
found no way to de-select. I have many times found it useful to be able to modify small sets of
volume/pan/FX break points without disturbing the whole geometry.

| |
| |
------+ +------

When working in the FX popup windows, it would be nice to be able to switch to other FX chains
easier, i.e. after editing FX1 chain settings (direct-x), I could just left click on the title of the
window (the blue colored FX1 bar) and then be presented with a scroll down menu of all of the
other effect chains in the mix (track and assignable?). As it is now, I must click on the
assignable FX button at the top of the FX meters in the mixer window. Too much mouse
movement and I get lost sometimes when editing extensive chains.

Related to this is a graphical (UI) inconsitency which I find confusing. In the mixer window, the
assignable effect icon >| FX window the >| Same button, two different results. Yeah, I know, its knitpicky...I apologize, but this is an A+
title eh?

The vertical scroll bar should function the same as the horizontal--grabbing end of bar and
dragging resizes all of the TRACK HEIGHTS (not waveform height) vertically. I would like to see
more of my tracks, but not have to drag each track window individually.

CPU meter as well as disk meter? Good for heavy FX mixes. Another "neat" and mostly
unnecceary item.

How about a mixer view of all track meters, gain sliders, sends, FX, a-la traditional channel
strips? This is still a great way to see an enormous amount of information at once. This is truly
a style issue, but I feel that any good program should allow the user multiple solutions to the
same problem, and more information in smaller spaces is almost always good. Is this Sonic
Foundry style? something tells me no, but I can dream...

Again, I am truly impressed with Vegas. This is good stuff. It makes me happy. Keep up the
great work.

Scott Petersen
Sultan of Scream
Blizzard North


Musicvid wrote on 7/14/2019, 1:28 PM

Sonic Foundry??

Are you using a 15 year old Vegas version?

The current trial version, Magix Vegas Pro 16, can be downloaded here:


john-brown wrote on 7/14/2019, 1:40 PM

Sonic Foundry??

Are you using a 15 year old Vegas version?


I certainly hope not, as the date of the message is 1999, 20 years ago. Worse, Scott has been a member from 2001. Must be some kind of a back to the future thing.

Musicvid wrote on 7/14/2019, 2:18 PM

Haha the message was at the top of the forum this morning. Wonder how that happened?

vkmast wrote on 7/14/2019, 2:36 PM

Odd indeed. I get that only if I press "3653" (the last page for me currently at 24/page).

@Musicvid @john-brown You think I should hide these and the same here and forget these ever happened? 🙃

Musicvid wrote on 7/14/2019, 2:54 PM


Please do, but I know you will never forget 😀

Mohammed_Anis wrote on 7/14/2019, 11:22 PM

I nearly guffawed.

Sonic Foundry!

Man, I was TEN YEARS OLD when this thread was started.


fr0sty wrote on 7/15/2019, 12:47 AM

Sadly, some of the requests are still relevant all this time later. Understandable that audio takes the back burner these days, since Vegas is video-centric, but it would be nice to see some of these things, along with VST3 support.

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 7/21/2019, 11:35 PM

I usually do complex audio with Cakewalk Sonar but I recently did a 4 camera concert shoot in which the audio engineer on an x32 was gracious enough to bounce it all live to his laptop running Reaper. I was going to import it all into Sonar but I figured, what the heck, I might as well save myself a step and pull it directly into Vegas. Was actually pretty good and seeing the video helped sorting out who was doing what in the audio. Ended up with 4 video+audio tracks (great for bringing the crowd in) plus around 25 vocal and instrument tracks. Vegas doesn't have all the midi and sampling stuff but none of that was needed. I highly recommend it if you're doing a straight up audio/video mix.

Cameras: Canon XF305, JVC GV-LS2, Canon 6D w/L-glass line. (Mar 2020: testing Zcam E2)
Laptop: Dell XPS15-9570; i7-8750h 32gb (integrated Intel UHD-630 & Nvidia GTX-1050Ti)
Road: Intel NUC i7 8809g 32gb (integrated AMD VegaM 4gb graphics and Intel HD630)
Workstation: i9 9900k 32 gb (Sapphire AMD Radeon VII 16gb graphics and integrated Intel UHD630)
Workstation2: e5 1650v4 128 gb (Sapphire Nitro+ RX5700xt Navi 8gb graphics)
Workstation3: i7-980X 24gb (Sapphire RX480 4gb graphics)
currently Vegas 17.452

fr0sty wrote on 7/22/2019, 1:00 AM

I've done many a mix in Vegas! I also use it to record multitrack sometimes. It works great! I've also done 5.1 surround mixes with it, and it does great at that as well!

rraud wrote on 7/22/2019, 9:00 AM

"I've done many a mix in Vegas!"

More than many for me.. Occasionally I have to resort to SloTools if side chaining is needed. FWIW, I've been requesting side-chains since the Sonic Foundry days.

Rednroll wrote on 7/22/2019, 2:46 PM

"I've done many a mix in Vegas!"

More than many for me.. Occasionally I have to resort to SloTools if side chaining is needed. FWIW, I've been requesting side-chains since the Sonic Foundry days.

LOL! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. As I recall, Pipeline audio was also a big proponent of the challenges of setting up side chaining in Vegas as well as the more advanced routing techniques overall.

Curious why you choose to reach for Protools to accomplish that task and not Reaper? Reaper's routing and side chaining is spectacular.

Here's how to do it.

There's 3 major reasons I continue to use Vegas over Reaper.

1. Familiarity. Reaper is very similar to Vegas but still different. I just got tired of learning different programs which do similar tasks for the few features I wish Vegas had evolved into for audio.

2. Video Editing (hands down Vegas has Reaper beat in this category, but it is now on the next version roadmap of Reaper).

3. Editing Functions. The Sonic Foundry developers listened to me when I described to them the audio editing features from the Neve Audiofile for editing quickly when scoring sound to video. I guess they didn't seem like an important enough feature set for the Reaper developers. Even Acid lacks those same editing features Vegas includes.

The majority of the work I do now involves putting sound to video, and not so much music creation and mixing any longer. If I was doing music recording/mixing, I'ld be reaching to Reaper over Vegas and Protools.