j-v wrote on 2/25/2020, 9:42 AM


met vriendelijke groet

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vkmast wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:07 AM

At least it should stay off for the rest of the session once it's clicked off. Currently it pops up every time I click to another page, which I need to do all the time. Not good for the UX or BP.

VEGASDerek wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:11 AM


Musicvid wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:39 AM

Maybe put it on the top menu bar.

It's an intrusion for the visitor who doesn't need immediate help.

It's a much-welcomed feature, Derek, but personally, the social media "sticky" gets in my way. I'm the same way over the online "chat" feature at my bank website.

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:53 AM

Or put in option in profile settings to shut it off totally...

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vkmast wrote on 2/25/2020, 11:31 AM

"I'm having trouble finding an answer to your inquiry. 😥 Please try again with a different query, or start the support process." Clicking the "start process" link takes you to

john-brown wrote on 2/25/2020, 12:11 PM

+1 for putting it in the top bar or just simply improving the Find tool.

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JackW wrote on 2/25/2020, 12:14 PM

Please make it go away altogether, forever.

walter-i. wrote on 2/25/2020, 12:15 PM

+1 for putting it in the top bar or just simply improving the Find tool.

+1 - Or, if you really want to improve this forum here - please work on this list.

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Dot wrote on 2/25/2020, 1:29 PM



rraud wrote on 2/25/2020, 2:10 PM

Extremely Annoying!

EricLNZ wrote on 2/25/2020, 4:50 PM

Very, very annoying. I wish I'd found this thread earlier as I've spent ages trying unsuccessfully to get it to go away permanently.

EricLNZ wrote on 2/25/2020, 4:59 PM

Hmmm. The same pesky thing appears on the Magix Community Forum but with Magix instead of Vegas in the small box.

rraud wrote on 2/25/2020, 5:37 PM

As well in the Magix Sound Forge forum. I would like it forever gone immediately if not sooner. It is a real forking annoyance.

fr0sty wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:20 PM

Good intent. A few tweaks would fix it. As suggested, nest it into a menu, out of the way, and only show a notification announcing its existence once. Allow it to be disabled.

Musicvid wrote on 2/25/2020, 10:22 PM

Persistence is not user-friendly, by definition.

RogerS wrote on 2/26/2020, 12:35 AM

I don't care so much on the PC but on a phone this takes up a lot of screen area.

FayFen wrote on 2/26/2020, 1:24 AM

It's a feature.

fifonik wrote on 2/26/2020, 1:26 AM

Not sure what are you talking about. Newer seen it.

Is it in the forum? If yes, then probably uBlock Origin & blocker on my router do their job well.

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set wrote on 2/26/2020, 1:40 AM

my.... didn't know this too... as I have ad blocker installed in my browser... finally seeing it after turning it off...

EricLNZ wrote on 2/26/2020, 1:51 AM

my.... didn't know this too... as I have ad blocker installed in my browser... finally seeing it after turning it off...

Adblock Plus on Firefox isn't killing it for me. @set which blocker are you using?

vkmast wrote on 2/26/2020, 1:54 AM

This needs to get fixed, not blocked. Anyway, currently "Find..." though far from perfect is still what I will use. At least you get to browse for your poison from the list.

EricLNZ wrote on 2/26/2020, 2:00 AM

Blocking would be a temporary fix before it sends me bonkers on another hot humid summer night.

vkmast wrote on 2/26/2020, 2:03 AM

@EricLNZ luckily we have here the season that used to be "the winter" 😁.